The Perfect Summer Getaways!

Summer is finally here, which means it is time to dust off your travel bag and  make that summer getaway you have been waiting to take for the past 5 months!

We know that planning a getaway can be a task in itself, so we’ve put together a list of places we think might be fun to visit this summer. Pack your bags and head out to one of these beautiful destinations to leave your footprint behind!


1)   St. Martin Island

Enjoy the calm blue waters, warm sandy beaches, and zesty cocktails on the islands of Saint Martin. This gem of a destination is nestled in the Caribbean. Known for its wonderful beaches, festive nightlife, outdoor shopping markets and its famous local guava berry liquor, this is one spot not to be missed!

2)   Grand Canyon

Want to get away from your 9 to 5 desk job and indulge in an adventurous getaway? Look no more! Get your hands dirty on a 4 day white water rafting camping trip to the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the spray of cool water as you work your way through the rapids. Watch the sun set into canyon as you paddle your way through the Colorado River. This trip will “reboot” you to handle the rest of the year with ease!  

3)   Monaco

This beautiful city has more to offer than just fast cars on a world-renowned street track! Learn about the diverse marine life in the Oceanographic Museum and get a chance to pet live sharks, Sail along the French Rivera in your very own luxury yacht or spend the evening at one of the finest casinos in the world - the Monte Carlo casino. Make a day trip to France and visit Cannes, Antibes and Nice, all of which are a mere 30 min drive from Monaco! Enjoy the display of the finest automobiles owned by the royal family of Monaco at the Automobile museum. View rare sights of vintage Rolls Royce made in the 1920s to the Lexus used by Prince Albert at his wedding. This is a must see for automobile enthusiasts.  (We know because we just had a team vacation here J )

4)   Seoul

Need a retail therapy vacation? Seoul is every shopper’s mecca! Seoul has something for everyone right from local flea markets to the best luxury boutiques and more! It is no secret  that Seoul is known for having the most credit card transactions per minute! Ladies travel light to Seoul, you will have a lot to carry back with you.

5)   Tuscany

Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you sip on world class Chianti wine and treat your taste buds to some exquisite authentic Italian cuisine. Known for its earthy cuisine and timeless historical landmarks (be it the leaning tower of Pisa or the famous statue of David), a trip to Tuscany will leave you culturally enriched.


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