The Perfect Holiday Gift

the perfect holiday gift T&n.jpg

As the holidays approach us, so do the pressures of giving the perfect gift! Perhaps its time to reflect on the qualities of the perfect gift! Our team at T&N did a little bit of soul searching and these were the top 5 qualities on our lists:

1) Something thoughtful:

It could be as simple as a framed picture of the tissue you were holding at your fav concert! Gifts that show a lot of thought put into it rank number one in our office poll.

2) Something unique:

Most of us like to feel special and love to be reminded of it! A limited edition watch, a personalized everyday item or a rare painting all score high on our list!

3) Something useful: 

We have quite a few practical ladies in our office! There’s nothing like getting that 3-zipper work tote you’ve been seeing everyday on your way to work!

4) Something goofy:

There is nothing like putting a smile on a loved one’s face with a funny gift (Although, our ladies think it should be coupled with another gift from the list).

5) Something philanthropic:

The holiday season is a season of festivities and merry making, but it is also a season of being thankful and giving back to your community and to those who are less fortunate.

So there you go! We made just made your shopping that much easier! We hope you have a great holiday season!

tintisha sagar