Summer To Do List

With the weather averaging in the 80s, we decided to put together a list of things we think you should try this summer:

1) Rent a vintage car and drive down from Miami to the Keys. Miami is bustling this time of the year with everyone hitting the beach to get their tan on. Take a break from the over crowded beaches of SOBE and enjoy a scenic drive in a classic vintage convertible (an Autobianchi Bianchina Special Cabriolet perhaps, for all the Hepburn fans) down to the Key. Lose yourself in the transcendent beauty of Highway 1 and enjoy the stretches of water and classic Americana this drive has to offer.

2) Summer is a great time to head out to central park lay out a picnic blanket and catch up on some reading! Two books that have been very popular on our team’s reading list are: Lucky Us by Amy Bloom and The Sunlight Night by Rebecca Dinerstein.

3) It’s summer, it’s time to do something different! Enroll yourself in a Gelato making class and whip up the tastiest creamiest gelato you can think of in just under 3 hours. There are plenty of classes in  Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and more! Go ahead and take advantage of the city you live in!

4) Summer is a great time for pictures, be it family picnics or Office BBQs. So why not sharpen your photography skills this summer? Learn how to capture your timeless moments in the best possible way. Don’t forget to send us pictures of everywhere you’ve left your “footprint” behind!

tintisha sagar