La Joie de Vivre - T&N Ballet Flats

Alecia of La Joie de Vivre Writes:

Now, lets talk about these shoes. Launched in the Summer of 2014, T&N’s mantra is stylish, classic, timeless and versatile. Currently T&N’s main focus is ballet flats. And let me tell you, they have hit a home run. The ballet flats are comfortable and luxurious. It’s no secret that I love a great pair of heels. But in these gold ballet flats I feel like a princess, even forgetting I’m not wearing a heel. The non-elastic heel and cushioned footbed make you feel as if you’re walking on air. And as an extra added bonus, you can add a personalization option to the charms placed on the back of the shoes. I chose to get the charms engraved with my initials, but you can also choose from Greek letters or a special date. T&N’s also participates in, what it calls, its Footprint Program. Giving back is an integral part their business. T&N’s works with one foundation every year to fund a project. To commemorate a successfully funded project, T&N’s will change the color of the “footprint” sole on the shoes, thereby dedicating a color to a foundation. This gives the ballet flats a unique quality that allows you to add a new pair each year! Be sure to follow T&N on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

tintisha sagar